iWallet Module

Cryptoken Board (com) provides data streaming, financial statistics and API interface to Synthetic Exchange empowering the users to track, manage & trade digital assets with our dapp.

cryptocurrency financial reporting

Cryptoken Board UƜ [CB] maintains a financial data-set and daily cryptocurrency, providing Synthetic Exchange with real time dashboard engine. The iWallet module is supported with financial modeling API computed in "R", and the feed automatically generates financial statistics similar like the other popular tracking apps Blockfolio and Messari.

ipfs storage

Decentralized storage plays a pivotal role at Synthetic Exchange as the web 3.0 platform, providing bespoke IPFS "key access" and "storage" files to each user. The IPFS storage allows Synthetic Exchange users to keep their portfolio tracking, securely stored via a non-centralized and distributed manner. The following are two different types / features "keys" šŸ”‘

  • IPFS create watchlists - Static Allocation

  • Binance API portfolio import - Dynamic Allocation

getting super powers

Becoming a super user is a fairly straight forward process, user downloads a latest version of Synthetic Exchange application (v1.0.15) free of charge and simply registers an account with us. Every user qualifies for their very own IPFS key protecting their sensitive data at all times.

visit echo https://synthetic.exchange
download echo Synthetic Exchange Terminal
activate echo account with email & password
verify echo your email authentication number

Super-powers are available to everyone so please submit with our support team any issues that you're experiencing, and problems by writing to us @ support@synthetic.exchange.

save the world (electrum wallet)

Once you register an account with Synthetic Exchange , users may:

(1) activate their storage IPFS keys for tracking personal holdings / supported watchlists and

(2) generate their non-custodial seed phrase, wallet password and cryptocurrency link to Synthetic.Exchange.

Begin crypto trading
Setting up your crypto access via CRT token airdrop & blockchain activation
    create echo 'CRT wallet' seed phrase & password
    claim echo 'CRT AirDrop' token & qtum deposit

run desktop application

Install cryptoken.exe file on your desktop, activate Synthetic Exchange on your desktop computer. We do not support a web-browser application as rely on the Electrum Wallet. Our Qtum blockchain connection is not web-dependent, and the UX is build in #neumorphism virtual design for a better experience of visual identity.

Cryptoken cryptocurrency

Cryptoken wallet supports both, our CRT Tokens and Qtum native cryptocurrency. Make sure to deposit at least one Qtum coin before interacting with our smart contract platform and CRT Tokens.

Synthetic Exchange does not charge additional fees, and in order to pay for transaction expenses that are 1/100th of the Ethereum Network, 1 Qtum deposit is required. Qtum blockchain is 1,000x more affordable to use when comparing to other competing VM modules in the crypto space.

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