hi, Synthetic Exchange!

Synthetic Exchange, welcome to our trading terminal, desktop application, and crypto guide to our very own project that we have called Synthetic Chain!

Welcome to our network, and native cryptocurrency token we are using on our system called #cryptoken or CRT Token, that along with our desktop app, we're managing as a single node operator the execution and operations. We operate as layer 2 programable chain, a trading token and blockchain on Qtum network. Welcome to our Gitbook 📚

(I) Synthetic Exchange - desktop decentralized application

Synthetic Chain is a decentralized and non-custodial digital finance application designed for trading frictionless cryptocurrency smart contracts. Our goal is to enable users with bespoke (4) modules, including iWallet, iMarket, iDashboard and CRT Token Trading. Synthetic Chain is powered by CRT Token, an algorithmic stable-token pegged to USD 1 : 1.

(I) iWallet Module provides cryptocurrency portfolio tracking module:

◉ Using decentralized storage IPFS - Network Keys

◉ Distributed Financial Analysis package by Cryptoken Board API

◉ Binance wallet API support - Portfolio Mirroring

(II) iMarket Module provides cryptocurrency marketplace research:

◉ Distributed Financial Analysis package by Cryptoken Board

(III) iDashboard Module enables charting and graphs:

◉ CoinGecko API and Web Socket financial data & reports (IV) CRT Token Synthetic Chain prediction market:

◉ Supporting CRT Token synthetic trading

◉ Supporting Qtum blockchain virtual machine execution

◉ With Electrum wallet

(II) Synthetic Chain - QRC20 standard cryptocurrency

(a) CRT Token - meet our token!

Synthetic Exchange is a financial management terminal, and derivatives smart chain built on top of Qtum blockchain, with our very own token powering our terminal = CRT Token (known collectively as "cryptoken"). CRT Token an algorithmic and programmable stable-token nominally pegged to 1 USD per token, with its smart contract enabling 3 input variables, this way combing token monetary dimension with its utility, which is synthetic trading via the strike price, duration of trade and contract leverage. Synthetic Exchanges enables users to trade, mint and exercise -> prediction market 'synthetic" contracts, in a trustless and decentralized manner without having to rely on trusted third parties.

CRT Tokens are fully integrated with Qtum blockchain via CRT QRC20 programming logic and digital representation, with each underlying pair representing a derivative smart contracts by tracking price oracles of the following tickers: ◉ crt BITCOIN



◉ crt SOLANA


◉ crt QTUM


◉ crt NANO

CRT Token provides a notional dollar exposure, with transparent, immutable and fungible claims as the main financial instrument on Synthetic Chain.

CRT Decentralized Autonomous Organization [DAO] Vault is "DAO as a Service" funded with 50% of pre-mined tokens, dedicated exclusively for settlement of Synthetic Chain assets. CRT Token digital asset is used as collateral for trading and settlement of profit & loss. All CRT Token transactions are automatically robo processed through our DAO ️Vault. CRT Token DAO solves the problem with liquidity and market making, enabling all users to trade the underlying assets.

Contract variables, user dependent determine the outcome for each synthetic trade in binomial fashion deterministically with "Win" or "Loss". Winning trades are processed as Credits, Losing trades are processed as Debits, following the standard accounting.

(b) Qtum blockchain - meet our layer 1 blockchain!

We built CRT Token smart contract logic with Qtum Blockchain using QRC20 programming standard, deployed in Goland. The smart contract logic is Synthetic Chain proprietary algorithm and underpins CRT Token financial utility specific to our native token, executed over the Qtum layer 1 blockchain. For this reason, we are supporting both CRT Token and Qtum Coin on our application, with the fees charged for transactions in the native currency Qtum. Synthetic Exchange does not charge additional trading fees, CRT Token is a digital utility. CRT Token does not stand to benefit on the work of others.

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