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Welcome to Synthetic Exchange - web 3.0 distributed DeFi token trading dapp leveraging both Qtum blockchain and QRC20 smart contracts to power Synthetic Chain blockchain protocol.


Cryptoken Board LLC controls Synthetic Chain (“Service”), a decentralized crypto application ("Dapp / System"), which collectively along with its elements ("Content") permits a generation of CRT Tokens on our website & application. CRT Token ("Utility") are smart contracts native to our Synthetic Chain network.

distributed financial analysis

Synthetic Exchange provides a set of proprietary data & daily packages on cryptocurrencies "engine" supplying cryptoken dashboard with 'cryptocurrency financial statistics' known collectively as "Distributed Financial Analysis" ("DFA").

price oracles

Synthetic Exchange supplies the protocol and QRC20 smart chain with timely reference rates - and price oracles that are collectively known on our web as collateral (“Content”). We do not guarantee accuracy of the price oracles, nor performance of the Synthetic Exchange modules.

Qtum virtual machine

Synthetic Exchange is a decentralized, non-custodial 'smart chain' trading blockchain protocol, using QRC20 token standard executed over layer 1 Qtum blockchain, providing our users with bespoke CRT Token smart contracts that are comprehensively integrated with Qtum Virtual Machine ("QVM") in real time. CRT Token is a crypto series derivatives network programmed as QRC20 standard with bespoke input variables executed over the $Qtum blockchain and designed for market making of digital assets and synthetic cryptocurrency trades.

CRT Token

CRT Token are proprietary QRC20-standard blockchain 'Service" smart contracts, supporting both user type & blockchain robo type variables, constantly streaming live price oracles from Coin Gecko. We enable users to “synthetically” claim, trade and exercise $CRT tokens via QVM & make claims on the future price movements of the QRC20 series cryptocurrency contracts via and our blockchain settlement system CRT Vault™️ ("Service").'

Each Cryptoken Board QRC20 smart contract is specifically designed 'blockchain contract series', making claims on synthetic representation of cryptocurrency coin / token holding as derivatives, in real-time updating its value by hashing contract variables on Qtum Blockchain and distributed by $CRT block propagation code.

Trading QRC20 Smart Contracts

Cryptoken Board "Service' enables users to make precise wagers on the future direction of unit-value price movement for each cryptocurrency supported under our coverage ("Investable Market").

We have designed a protocol that goes beyond conventional Call and Put Options and Futures / Forward Contracts. Our CRT Token contract logic supports a far more customizable contracts with 2 bespoke user variables i.e. future price ("Outcome") and duration ("Length of the time"), 1 constant price oracle, and 1 fully integrated robo settlement system in Qtum .

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