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CRT Token is supported by atomic swap decentralized technology, provided by Komodo Platform. Non-custodial wallet, enables Delayed Proof of Work security consensus & trading without relying on AMM.

Atomic Swaps

Komodo Platform DPoW provides a cutting edge, decentralized technology for exchanging digital assets peer to peer, without a use of centralized order books, and automated market makers. Komodo DeFi framework, helps secure CRT Token trading with atomic swaps that allows two users to trade cryptocurrencies across two separate blockchains without requiring an intermediary third party.

Supported cryptocurrency pairs

CRT Token is QRC20 standard, listed digital asset on Atomic Dex terminal, provided by Komodo Platform. Instead of relying on Liquidity Pools, Synthetic Exchange digital assets truly deploys a dynamic market place where supply and demand of CRT Token will ultimately determine fair value of CRT-QRC20 cryptocurrency.

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