iMarket Module

"DFA" is a term used for describing our bespoke data streaming service that we internally compute for Synthetic Exchange users. We believe that all crypto users should have access to financial data.

data engine

data tracking

"DFA" data engine is produced on daily basis at 7am UTC time, via our proprietary computational program "R", integrating daily analyses via our Cryptoken Board MySQL database. Cryptoken Board feeds daily financial metrics to Synthetic Exchange on the daily bases at 0900 GMT. The database produces computational outputs that do not constitute as investment advice or financial projections of any kind. Additionally we set up parallel processes to ensure that our pricing source has more than one feed, and that computational feeds are accurate, peer reviewed for quality assurance.

Cryptoken "DFA" integrates a following computational tables right onto Synthetic Exchange app, automatically for our users convenience. Users simply press "Refresh" each day to retrieve the latest information. CB "DFA" data is propagated to our cryptoken dashboard by supporting the top 300 digital coins / tokens only. These metrics are provided to each user free of charge:

Reference Rates

Satoshi Units / USD

Rate of Return

Satoshi Units / USD

Standard Deviations

Satoshi Units / USD

Market Capitalization


Market Correlation

1D, 5D, 7D, 14D, 21D,

30D, 60D, 90F, 180D,

280D, 365D

financial analysis

Each cryptocurrency is controlled by a specific ticker, and the daily reference rate provided by our third party source provider CoinGecko. From these tickers, we are able to compile standardized financial metrics that reconciled with our database for accuracy.

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