referral program

Earn up to $1,000 in CRT Tokens by referring your friend!

Synthetic Chain rewards all enabled for all new users, along with the on-chain CRT Token, referral rewards provided to additional registrations.

You will qualify for CRT Token AirDrop by simply referring new users to our exchange. We have coined this a "Pioneer Program", as primary distribution mechanism for our tokens, fully programmed on chain via CRT Token smart contracts. Cryptoken Board software Synthetic Exchange is the only cryptocurrency decentralized application in the sector that rewards users for promoting our CRT Tokens, onboarding pioneers with token airdrops.

CRT Vault is programmed as the settlement account on Synthetic Chain, with user referral smart contracts order to distribute CRT Tokens directly on chain. Every single user will be eligible to refer new users, and will be rewarded via DAO Vault.

The following onboarding tool was created to help users claim their referral bonus! Make sure that the person you are referring, creates on-chain transaction during the sign up process, by providing both of the following variables :

💎 your CRT Token [email login address]

💎 your CRT Token [wallet address]

Users will automatically qualify for CRT Token airdrop, if the information is added correctly. There're no limits for how many users you may refer to Synthetic Chain, Our system account-based wallet, supports infinite payouts during a subscription process for Users and Pioneers. Everyone participating on Synthetic Chain unequivocally with 1,000 CRT Tokens for registration and another 1,000 CRT Tokens for referrals.

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