CRT Token

CRT Token is a tokenized prediction-market smart contract & cryptocurrency derivatives platform. Synthetic Chain conveys to its holders an obligation, to redeem certain amount of pledged CRT Tokens as collateral depending the trade value of binomial 'smart contract', and execution of the user price inputs and price oracle outcomes, turing complete. CRT Tokens are "notional" USD smart contracts that mimic performance of a particular cryptocurrency pair or digital asset via tracking of its reference rate, synthetically.

The following criteria is hashed over the Synthetic Chain for each tokenized series:

1 ("Users") input variables A prediction price ("Strike") & B duration ("Maturity") & C multiple ("Leverage")

2 ("Blockchain") input variables A contract initiation ("t0") B contract settlement ("tN")

3 ("Price Oracles") settlement variables A price oracle ("pN")

CRT Tokens are like Call and Put Options financial instruments, however, they enable user to wager collateral on the future outcomes by selecting the SIZE price movement and TIME contract duration.CRT Token collateral commitments power the Synthetic Exchange smart chain, first of its kind, fully bespoke synthetic 'prediction market' available for digital assets.

All User Trades ("Pending CRT Token ™️ contracts") execute by debiting user wallet, and crediting DAO Vault, executed via binomial outcome y=0 / y=1. This implies that users will have either (A) Winning blotter-trade or (B) Losing blotter-trade. CRT-QRC20 smart contract reward users always at 2x the amount of collateral committed, settled at expiration upon the execution the smart contract. The following logic is programmed algorithmically with CRT-QRC20 token:

+ Winning Trade = Strike Price(n) > Price Oracle t(n) [ LONG ]
+ Winning Trade = Strike Price(n) < Price Oracle t(n) [ SHORT ]
- Losing Trade = Strike Price(n) < Price Oracle t(n) [ LONG ]
- Losing Trade = Strike Price(n) < Price Oracle t(n) [ SHORT ]

CRT Token trading profits (trades) are distributed from Synthetic Exchange DAO Vault, always acting as the settlement account crediting and debiting user account, and DAO Vault . The "winning trades belonging to account of their recipient address, are paid in CRT Token and hashed over Qtum blockchain via 32 second block propagation, while the "losing" trades will remain in the DAO Vault.

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