Synthetic Exchange "Service", and information "Content" propagates automatically, all functionalities via the following (4) modules iWallet, iMarket, iDashboard and CRT Token terminal.

Synthetic Chain is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, that operates without any manual input from our development team. The token economics model supports automated execution of the smart contracts, and the (4) modules below are available to all CRT Token users in real time 24/7.


iWallet is a crypto-tracking dashboard and user module, that enables storage of cryptocurrency 'watchlists', enabling tracking, management and performance of digital assets.


iMarket is a cryptocurrency market research module, that incorporates our propriety classification system and performance tables, data analyses on the cryptocurrencies provided by cryptoken dashboard API.


iDashboard supports standardized charts , graphs and financial rankings along with cryptoken dashboard propriety classification system.


The first of its kind, messaging platform powered by Synthetic Exchange! All cryptocurrency users are able to comment via a dedicated portal inside cryptoken dashboard, letting everyone interact with one another. Notifications are being installed.

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