blockchain security

Synthetic Chain incorporates UTXO based Electrum wallet, supporting CRT Token smart chain and execution. Synthetic Exchange offers free service without the subscription fees.

qtum blockchain

Qtum blockchain is a proof of stake [PoS), unspent transaction output [UTXO] immutable code-base, and amalgamation Bitcoin and Ethereum. Qtum blockchain deploys a virtual machine and cryptocurrency smart contracts, supporting QRC20 standard and CRT Token programming architecture. Synthetic Chain is fully integrated with Qtum virtual machine, and CRT Token Electrum wallet enables smart contracts processing in real time over a 32 second increments.

Qtum cryptocurrency has been providing Bitcoin + Ethereum updates, and wallet updates since its development in 2015, being one of the most developed blockchain in the entire market-place. Qtum combines a best of both worlds, Bitcoin UTXO code-base and Ethereum decentralized finance capabilities with PoS security, energy efficient and light blockchain. This allows Qtum to operate at fast speeds, churning higher transaction output and at much lower costs (gas fees). Qtum is some 1,000x more affordable than ETH network, while being capable of rendering up to 1000 transactions per second.

smart contract audit

Security of Synthetic Chain is our highest priority. To ensure we meet top security standards, CRT Token protocol & smart contracts are being audited by a 3rd party. The main feature of Synthetic Exchange are Business Continuity [BC] policies, put in place to ensure functioning of CRT Token network without downtime. The results of the Smart Contract audit and Qtum Protocol Integration will become available upon request.

bug bounty

Do to a proprietary nature of the CRT Token smart chain, we do not support a bug bounty program on any of the smart contracts deployed on the main-net. We do not make any of the IP available on our Github for review, Synthetic Chain is not open-source. We value the proprietary nature of Synthetic Chain and to continue to protect technological innovations at Cryptoken Board with highest regard.

reporting / disclosures

Please report any findings to describing full details about your request. You may write to us at any time with any vulnerability and steps / inconsistencies with our application that you might experience.. Allow us to some time to review and we will be happy remediate any user experience requests.

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