Distributed Storage

Synthetic Chain is supported with Swagger API infrastructure and connectivity. This layer 1 integration allows the app terminal to be easily maintained, and managed without downtime and perf downtime.

IPFS account key

The following account features a subscribers free of charge, which helps secure users' identity, and file storage for everyone with Synthetic Exchange account. We issue IPFS keys, for everyone, conveniently securing client data via decentralized storage.

run desktop application

Install cryptoken.exe file on your desktop, launch Synthetic Exchange on the computer, supporting Linux and Windows operating systems. We do not currently support a web-version of Synthetic Exchange, desktop only. Qtum blockchain connection is enabled for each user wallet, hiding in the back-groud, but always running in real time.

1 install / sign up to synthetic exchange

Create an account by typing your account email address, user name, first name ititial, lst name initial, and your password. If you have received a referral from a friend, enter their email address and qtum wallet address.

2 authenticate your login

Promptly after sign-up, user will activate their email confirmation CODE and enter the 6 digit numerical code, activating their ID (this must be only done once):

3 activate ipfs key

Synthetic Exchange desktop app runs concurrently an online, full IPFS node supporting distributed storage option for all users. The information will never compromised and account data will be fully encrypted via a distributed network. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy. User may create their IPFS key via "STEP 1" of the KEY access module per below:

4 portfolio tracking DFA

Upon creating cryptoken user account, users may add cryptocurrencies of their liking to the watchlist , which is integrated through our iWallet module. This feature is like Blockfolio, it will help users manage / track their cryptocurrency holdings of interest. This section is explained below via "STEP 2" of the KEY access module:

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