transaction fees

Synthetic Exchange is executed over Synthetic Chain, a layer-1 smart contract platform supporting cryptocurrency dollar futures. CRT Token is enabled by Qtum Virtual Machine and Qtum fees.

Synthetic Exchange does not charge transaction fees. The fees below explain the network subsidy paid by the token holders, to use our Synthetic Chain. We do not charge additional transaction fees, making the trading of crypto-derivatives with CRT Token frictionless. The biggest advantage of Synthetic Exchange, over other derivative trading platforms, is that CRT Tokens are executed over a layer-1 blockchain network, Qtum Virtual Machine. Without relying on roll-ups and layer 2 transaction channels, user fungibility is available to all users 24/7.

The transaction fees are paid in Qtum cryptocurrency for all CRT Token transfers and smart contract transactions. Proof of Stake [POS], blockchain consensus and adoptive token governance [ADG], enables a fast, secure and non-custodial execution of all CRT Token payments.

1] CRT Token transfers cost 0.001qtum

2] CRT Token smart contract transactions cost 0.01qtum

Qtum block propagation takes on average 32 seconds, and all accounts can be verified on blockchain explorer. The transaction fees on Qtum blockchain are the most competitive, using Bitcoin UXTO code-base, and Account Abstraction Layer [AAL] for smart contract execution, making Qtum one of the leading solutions for a true decentralized finance. Qtum blockchain is a generation 3 network, energy efficient, fast and decentralized.

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