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CRT Token is available for trading on the secondary markets via a Decentralized Exchange provided by Komodo Wallet. Synthetic Chain, ticker CRT-QRC20 is available for trading with atomic swaps.

Komodo Wallet

CRT Token cryptocurrency is listing on Komodo Wallet, Decentralized Exchange called Atomic DEX. CRT-QRC20 digital asset provides non-custodial and fully decentralized derivatives via a myriad of trading pairs, without relying on automated market makers and centralized exchanges. The main advantage of partnering with Komodo Wallet, and Atomic DEX is trifecta of market making and innovative technologies provided by the Komodo Platform. CRT Token is QRC20 standard digital asset, with easy integration and maintenance with the following:

Komodo Wallet - Desktop Exchange

Komodo Wallet - Web Exchange

Komodo Wallet - Mobile Exchange

Trade Ogre Exchange

CRT Token cryptocurrency official listing exchange is Trade Ogre. The market exchange encompasses all of the best features of a robust trading terminal, without relaying on the high degree of centralization. CRT Token will be available for trading in the secondary market with (2) cryptocurrency pairs, USDT (Tether) and QTUM (Qtum).

Trade Ogre Exchange -

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