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The following guide explains CRT Token smart chain contract logic, programming, and trading mechanics of Synthetic Chain. CRT Token is notionally pegged to 1 USD and fully tokenized with utility.

CRT Token - collateral

CRT Token (s) are synthetic claims on the future price movements of the supported cryptocurrencies, embedded as value smart contracts exe over the Qtum Virtual Machine. CRT Token uses QRC20 programming standard, smart contracts are settled algorithmically using Synthetic Exchange blockchain as a service (utility).

When user interacts with Synthetic Chain QRC20 smart contracts, we provide two instances of hashing the contract data over the blockchain. 1]User contract variables are hashed as bytedata at contract initiation 2]User input variables are evaluated for profit / loss at contract settlement

The blockchain interworking with tokenized CRT series trading pairs, are dependent on the amount of deposit of CRT Token used each trade, equivalent to USD nominal value, at block duration zero and selected execution price.

CRT Tokens are unequivocally fungible for all contract series provided on Synthetic Exchange. Cryptoken is a derivatives contract following a synthetic representation of the underlying holdings, not trading of the underlying spot position.

Hashing of the smart contract is done via Qtum bytedata transmission and is fast and 100 dependable without any downtimes. Transaction fees for CRT Token trading are executed in Qtum cryptocurrency, affordable equating to 10 cents and propagated over 32 second Qtum blockchain. Synthetic Chain only requires single block confirmation, before the trade is visible on the Qtum ledger.

CRT Token - input variables

Depending on a set of smart contract variable, and their outcomes expressed over time, the Users are able to make trades and review pending trades by expressing the following criteria:


Users select a Contract Series crtBTC , crtETH , crtBNB, crtNANO, crtLTC, crtQTUM, crtSOL, crtPAXG 📍 SUPPORTED DELTA

Users select both Types of Contracts LONG vs SHORT


Users select the future fPRICE 📍 SUPPORTED TRADE DURATION

Users select a time before tEXPIRATION

A difference between the Spot Price and fPRICE is the amount of CRT Collateral required for each CRT traded, plus additional amount of Qtum cryptocurrency used as cost to process the transaction on-chain, hashed and secured.

CRT Token - balance

Synthetic Chain is a TypeScript programming language application, build on Vue JS (+Nuxt) UX. The Electrum based Qtum wallet, supporting CRT smart contract wallet addresses enabling users easy access and safe storage of their CRT token holdings.

Qtum Coin - balance

Once users add Qtum coin balance to Synthetic Exchange wallet, it enables the account holder to pay for CRT transactions. We encourage all users to transfer 1 Qtum coin to our application to 1 qualify for our Token AirDrops, and to have sufficient funds to make CRT trades.

Example 1 - is an excerpt of our CRT application displaying bot CRT account address as well as Qtum cryptocurrency account address. This account has around 1.2077514 Qtum and 79,993.35 CRT Token.

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