settlement pool

Profit and Loss settlement of CRT Tokens will be accomplished by smart contracts executed over the Synthetic Chain DAO Vault.

The network architecture is designed from scratch, and CRT Token enacts a brand new crypto-economics model following an elastic supply. Synthetic Chain is pre-minted, with market issuance of CRT Token are 100% executed algorithmically without any manual entries. Synthetic Exchange leverages the blockchain technology our proprietary smart contract logic by deploying CRT Tokens as the monetary units.

The following ledger is an example of the CRT Token trades represented in the settlement pool. The DAO wallet or Treasury Wallet address is maintained under the policies of our CRT white paper, and Road Map, and are always used as the single blotter for crediting user wallets and debiting DAO wallets for LONG / SHORT synthetic trades:

Wallet ID: QbCkMDsiTxd7tmp9eZMs3nW6Tpq5QeCt7z

Synthetic Change does not charge fees, nor will ever ask users to pay subscription service for using our exchange. Each CRT Token transaction is hashed over the Qtum blockchain, and can be verified in real time, account based. The following example is indicative of a CRT Token trade, and Qtum cryptocurrency paid for the execution.

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