Qtum staking

Synthetic Exchange DAO Vault, is a Super Staker Qtum Full Node, allowing institutional and retail holders of Qtum cryptocurrency to contribute to Qtum network consensus via CRT Toke DAO account.

Qtum blockchain is a Proof Of Stake, security consensus and a decentralized framework with democratized node validation service. Synthetic Exchange DAO Vault is programmed as the Super Staker on the Qtum network, and contributes to the security of the main network.

All users can freely stake their Qtum cryptocurrency via "Offline" security module, delegating their coins to CRT Token DAO Vault, without transferring the assets. CRT Token runs a Qtum Full Node, and contributes to the security of the Qtum blockchain.

Wallet ID: QbCkMDsiTxd7tmp9eZMs3nW6Tpq5QeCt7z

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