DAO Vault

Synthetic Chain DAO Vault holds 50% of CRT Tokens. The pool of tokens is reserved for settlement of CRT smart contracts (Profit & Loss) and community rewards.

CRT crypto-economics

CRT Tokens are exclusive monetary 'units' and financial commodity instruments powering CRT Token trading collateral on Synthetic Exchange. A truly non-custodial, 100% decentralized web 5.0 application, Synthetic Chain supports CRT cryptocurrency trading via synthetic exposures derived from our smart contracts,

We designed a brand new token system enabling CRT Tokens, having created synthetic & tokenized representation of each cryptocurrency, following their price oracle execution that is imbedded via Turing Complete QRC20 standard, as time variables.

CRT Token is held as collateral in the Synthetic Chain, with 50% of the entire allocation dedicated to our profit and loss settlement pool, fully decentralized and powered by smart contract logic. With this innovative feature, Synthetic Exchange has solved a need for liquidity provisions, always ensuring that CRT Token smart contracts are settled on time and fully on-chain. Guaranteed!

CRT rich list

Per our company bylaws, and a cryptoeconomics monetary system designed for CRT Tokens, we're following a following distribution list for allocating our cryptocurrency:

50% Cryptoken DAO

30% Cryptoken Treasury

10% Founding Members

10% Cryptoken Investors


The CRT Vault account ID will act as the settlement backbone for Synthetic Exchange. Tokens kept in our vault are dedicated to distributing profit and loss of CRT wagers, in real time! We have set aside 5 billions of CRT tokens in the settlement pool (CRT Vault) from where payments will be delivered for all winning and losing trades executed over our blockchain.

At all times, Cryptoken Board will retain responsibility of keeping CRT DAO on-line, and Qtum Full Node ensuring transparency. immutability and fungibility for algorithmic CRT Token transactions over the Qtum block explorer.

This will review CRT DAO crypto-economy, visit the blockchain ledger via QRC20 block explorer: https://qtum.info/address/QbCkMDsiTxd7tmp9eZMs3nW6Tpq5QeCt7z/

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