long $CRT contract

Trading Ethereum Synthetic Derivatives contract with crtETH


Let’s assume ETH is currently trading for $1,700. A trader would like to gain LONG exposure. Unlike call options that are often very difficult to digest and understand to the average trades, we prefer synthetic derivatives instead like using CRT Token over the options contracts or even perpetual swaps.

Our CRT Synthetic Exchange allows cryptocurrency traders to initiate this contract through our CRT Token Module that is used for placing CRT Token 'BETS". We are calling these synthetic wagers "BETS" because the user will have to wager on the future value of the crypto reference rate (price) and specify a period of time of the smart contract (duration) execution.

ETH long from $1,700 to $1,820.

You would like to buy 1 ETH, which is currently trading at $1,700. You could buy 1 ETH and invest $1,700 worth of Bitcoin $27,000 / (100,000,000 Satoshi) to purchase $ETH tokens.

Or, you could initiate a crtETH long contract, and chose settlement price of 1,820 instead. Let us assume the user expects for some reason, technical analysis or momentum trade analysis, that a price of Ether will appreciate in 3 days, they might simply wager CRT in the amount of $120 (Settlement minus Price) and gain the exactly same exposure as purchasing the underlying crypto outright conventional crypto exchange

By purchasing the crtETH 'long' contract you are saying that by expiration, the Users anticipate ETH to have risen above the break-even point: $1,820 Strike. Price that is higher than the current Spot $1,700 must be covered with CRT collateral that we is available in your wallet.

Unlike with option series contracts, the The profit potential with CRT Token is always limited to the the price range selected between Spot & Settlement. The Risk involved also is directly tied to the settlement price, and duration of the contract, and as a function of price volatility.

CRT Tokens are extremely powerful because they are standardized synthetic contracts "1 for all - all for 1", for all cryptocurrencies covered in our market universe. You will be able to stake claims on future price movements of crypto, using CRT Token as a collateral. We support both Long and Short contract series, and bespoke duration of the contracts' maturity.

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