CRT Tokens are blockchain tokens native to Synthetic Exchange. Created in Solidity programming language, CRT are tokenized smart contracts providing notional exposure to cryptocurrencies.

prediction market

CRT Tokens (CRT-QRC20) offer to users Prediction Market notional derivatives contracts, on the basis of following the un0derlying cryptocurrencies in our Cryptoken Board market list “Coverage” using CRT as collateral.

They allow users to wager on the future price prediction by creating a 'synthetic' position & settlement delivery obligation via each QRC20 tokenized smart contract on CRT EXCHANGE.

CRT Tokens are 'American style' contracts and utility derivative instruments that offer the user a flexibility to wager on any synthetic assets, via the each cryptocurrency reference rate contract series. The collateral being used to wager on cryptocurrencies on Synthetic Exchange is 100% notional and follows a structured value:

1 $CRT pegged to 1 $USD [keeping a fixed notional value at all times].

QRC20 tokenized smart contract are programmable for two different series types:

  1. creating LONG (higher) price exposure

  2. creating SHORT (lower) price exposure

profit & loss settlement

CRT Vault is our dedicated pool containing balances of CRT Tokens that are used exclusively for settlement of the tokenized smart contracts rendered over the interface - CRT Smart Chain.

The profit and loss engine will automatically reward uses in a binomial fashion, depending on the outcome of their trades at contract expiration. ️

Profit and loss for our QRC20 tokenized smart contracts, is deterministic and it will reward users always at double (2x) the notional committed. The following criteria and contract logic always holds:

1 an amount of $CRT collateral committed 2 winning allocation payable in $CRT tokens

CRT Token ️- Smart Contracts

Each CRT Token is programmable to represent synthetic exposure of a particular cryptocurrency, such as $crtBTC, $crtETH, $crtBNB, $crtNANO etc. The smart contract carry a symbol containing key information about the notional value of the 'wrapped' cryptocurrency.

The CRT Tokens contracts are processed over Qtum blockchain consists of four parts:

  1. Symbol of the underlying asset

  2. Strike price & Strike Asset

  3. Contract type, either L or S

  4. Hash Initiation

  5. Contract Expiration

Example: ETH Long

crtETH 3450USD-L-26JUN21-0800UTC-28JUN21-0800UTC

Example: LTC Short

crtLTC 149USD-S-25JUN21-2200UTC-30JUN21-2200UTC

CRT Token - DAO Vault & Settlement

All trades are executed via the CRT Token Decentralized Autonomous Organization, account vault that holds 50% of the entire outstanding token supply. CRT Token is used as the notional collateral for executing synthetic trades, but is also used for the payments of the winning trades to users, from CRT Token DAO Vault. For more information visit CRT Token ledger on Qtum block explorer.

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